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What is the latest on treatment?
How long can I live with HIV?
How do people get HIV?
Talking about HIV with partners
Lowering risk if one of us is HIV+
What to do if I'm exposed to HIV
How often should I be tested?
Tell me about condom usage.
Lubricants. Is there a diff?
What's risky?
Should I get the HPV vaccine?
Do I have to worry about syphilis?
What STDs should I be tested for or vaccinated against?

HIV infoWhat is HIV?

HIV is an illness that at-
tacks the immune system causing people to get sick from other diseases.  HIV is usually spread through sex with an infected person or by sharing needles for drugs like heroin.   HIV is not curable yet, but it IS manageable if it is caught early enough.  Which is why it’s important to get tested regularly.