Statussexy.com started as a grassroots movement to increase testing and
decrease the stigma around HIV for young men. This site is a place to get the
facts on HIV and express ourselves as the generation that has only known the
world with HIV/AIDS as a part of it. No matter the outcome of the test, the
status will be sexy because knowing your status is sexy. We also work with
community groups as well as holding statussexy events.

Vision Statement

We believe that there is nothing more sexy
than confidence; confidence in yourself, in your
partners and in the bedroom. The only way for us
to get that confidence is to know our HIV status.
Whether you’re negative or positive, knowing your
status is always sexy.

Mission Statement

The statussexy mission is to increase HIV testing by
decreasing the stigma around HIV, and empowering
our community to make that happen on multiple
levels. Statussexy.com is a place for young men
to get connected to resources and to talk openly
and honestly about HIV.